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Note: All applications will be forwarded to necessary parties, including, but not limited to: the Director of the Division, the Assistant Commissioner, and the Commissioner.   Once reviewed utilizing standardized criteria, the aforementioned parties will convene to discuss the feasibility of each applicant and make funding decisions.

Available RFPs
7/1/2016 8/15/2017
James Lordi
(609) 633-6046
Eligible applicants consist of non-profit or for-profit affordable housing developers.
The National Housing Trust Fund (NHTF) is a new affordable housing production program that will complement existing federal, state and local efforts to increase and preserve the supply of decent and safe affordable rental housing for extremely low-income households (those earning 30% or less of the Area Median Income as defined by HUD), for a period of not less than 30 years. Up to two (2) years from Grant Award date
The NHTF Program will be hosting MANDATORY RFP Webinars on 7/18/2017 (from 10am-12pm) or 7/25/2017 (from 1pm to 3 pm) to review the requirements of the application process. Register at: Webinar Link
You will receive a confirmation email with information about joining the webinar.

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National Housing Trust Fund staff encourages applicants to schedule a 1 on 1 technical assistance conference. Email Ahmad McDougle at ahmad.mcdougle@dca.nj.gov or call (609) 292-9539 or email James Lordi at james.lordi@dca.nj.gov or call (609) 633-6046. DCA staff is available at the above contact information for parties who have questions regarding the Webinar, RFP, access to SAGE or other general inquiries.
11/1/2017 8/3/2017
Diane Harris
(609) 943-5849
Homeless individuals, families, youth between 18-21 years of age, and specialized populations such as the mentally ill, victims of domestic violence, veterans, persons with HIV/AIDS, individuals leaving jail or prison and those with alcohol/substance abuse issues.
$50,000.00 $2,800,000.00
Major rehabilitation, renovation or conversion of buildings for use as emergency shelter and transitional housing; acquisition and new construction of buildings for use as transitional housing; purchase of equipment, furnishings and new vans. Units of general government or private, not-for-profit organizations. A not-for-profit is defined as an organization that is incorporated in accordance with the laws of New Jersey and qualifies as exempt from federal income taxation by the internal revenue service of the United States Department of Treasury and practices non-discrimination in the provision of assistance.
The purpose of the Shelter Support Program (SSP) is to assist units of local government and nonprofit organizations to provide safe and sanitary shelters and transitional housing for the homeless and to purchase equipment and furnishings that will provide direct benefits to the shelter's residents. 18 months
Following award announcement

Technical Assistance Workshop:

We are offering a 2nd technical assistance workshop on July 6, 2017 at 9:30. This workshop will be held in room 129 at the DCA building. If interested please email lisa.downes@dca.nj.gov or call (609) 292-8548 before July 5, 2017. Due to space constraints, we are requesting only two persons per agency to attend.

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7/1/2017 9/15/2017
Terence Schrider
(609) 633-6283
Persons whose income does not exceed federal Section 8 standards or who otherwise satisfy applicable statutory requirements.
Program and administrative costs. An eligible applicant must be a unit of local government (municipality or county) NOT eligible to receive CDBG funding from any other source. Click here for a list of:
Eligible Applicants
Provides for public facilities, housing rehabilitation and community revitalization designed to principally benefit people of low- and moderate-income, prevent or eliminate slums or blight, or to address recent local needs for which no other source of funding is available. Up to 18 Months
The Small Cities Community Development Block Grant Program requires grant recipients to attend a technical assistance meeting with program staff to discuss terms and conditions of the grant agreement prior to the disbursement of any grant funds.  

Submission Deadlines -
September 15, 2016 for Public Facilities, Housing Rehabilitation and Innovative Development projects. Applications for Emergency Housing repair may be submitted at any time.
Documentation Per FSR - Match may vary from 10% to 50% of the grant amount based on MDI Rank.

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